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We have a guest blogger who does bridal blogging. As a wedding-obsessed twenty something, with a degree in Drama (with a minor in History) from Queen’s University, and soon to have a certificate in Event Management, Dana DeMille loves to share inspiration and fabulous finds with her readers! Dana’s been crazy about weddings since age ten, and it hasn’t abated at all. She loves anything eccentric, but can’t get enough of the classics either. An avid reader, film watcher and theatre goer, she’s always finding inspiration in everything.

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Dana can be found on Twitter @DanaDeMille. Her wedding blog is wedding-scrap-book.tumblr.com. She also runs a blog at danabettyjune.blogspot.ca.

Here is a sample of her work.

Christina & Jordan – October 5, 2013 (Wildfire Studios)


Christina and Jordan’s wedding on October 5, 2013 was the perfect blend of this unique couple. Shot by Nathan Snelgrove of Wildfire Studios, that quirkiness is perfectly captured, and the pictures still show the love!


The ceremony took place at the Waterloo Christian Reformed Church. The church was simple, but it didn’t need to be an elaborate setting for this laid-back couple! The bride’s dress suited her perfectly, and was an off-the-rack find by the bride.


The above shot is just one example of the hilarity of this couple! They have an awesome sense of humour. The bouquets are adorable as well, and were created by KW Flowers.


The bride and her bridesmaids looked amazing. I love the dresses, and they’ve embraced the multiple styles, which is one of my favourite trends. It really makes each bridesmaid unique, and while they don’t outshine the bride, it gives them a chance to truly be part of the day in their own right. (I also love the photo because of all the silly faces – I get tired of taking pictures and start making silly faces very quickly too!)


These rings are some of my favourites that I’ve seen. I don’t thinkenough attention is paid to the man’s ring, and the detail on Jordan’s is gorgeous. I also love Christina’s, just due to the simplicity. It also fascinates me to see the decision that brides make about continuing to wear their engagement ring with their wedding ring; it all depends on their personality.


This is a pretty incredible shot of the bouquet toss! I love the moment of serenity on the bride’s face, with the excitement still happening in the background. This seemed like a really relaxed, beautiful bride, as evidenced by the photo below!


Here, I also want to mention a really cool fact that tech lovers will like. Christina and Jordan had a friend who was unable to attend the wedding, and they Skyped him in! (There are no pictures of this, but it was just something I wanted to mention because I thought it was awesome!) This is becoming a huge trend for those whose families and friends are unable to attend their wedding.

There wasn’t an overload of decor, but I wanted to share this sign! I love it. It went with their colours, shown through the favours as well. I’m also endlessly impressed with people who have such neat penmanship!


To go with the non-traditional vibe of this wedding, the catering was done by culinary students at the University of Waterloo!


The couple also played one of my favourite wedding games ever! (All right, it’s my only favourite wedding game; I’m not a huge fan of games.) This is the Shoe Game, similar to the Newlywed Game. In case you don’t know, this is where the bride and the groom each have one of their own shoes and one of their partner’s shoes. When the MC asks questions (such as “Who takes longer in the bathroom?”), the bride and groom raise the shoe that belongs to the person they think fits as an answer. It’s super fun; especially when it comes to questions like, “Who will control the remote?” And I love this shot from that game!


To end off, this is my FAVOURITE shot of a couple ever. I love this unique dance move, and the happiness on their faces really says it all. Even though they didn’t have a traditional wedding (there was no first dance, and no cake cutting), it begs the question – if you’re happy, do you really need one?

Photography: Nathan Snelgrove – Wildfire Studios
Dress: Off-the-rack find
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Based off a David’s Bridal design
Grooms’ Outfits: Moores
Flowers: KW Flowers (Centrepieces arranged by the groom’s mother)
Location: Waterloo Christian Reformed Church
Hair and Makeup: The bride’s sister and friend
Catering: University of Waterloo

Congratulations to our Winners!
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