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Bridal ShoesI love shoes, probably too much. I swear I hear my closet groan every time I bring a new pair home. But I can’t help it, if I don’t get them when I see them, my size will be all sold out! That’s exactly how I felt buying my wedding shoes. I saw these clear wedge heels and I thought “Just like Cinderella!” Although clear wedges aren’t the fashion this year you’ll be happy to see what’s in store for this spring and summer weddings!

This spring as you walk down the isle there are an array of kitten, flats, pumps, and high heels that will compliment your dress beautifully. If you’re wearing a dress that covers your feet you have even more lee way to adorn your feet with anything that tickles your fancy. Why not put some colour on?

There are fantastic kitten leather heels available from Aldo right now in all the hot colours, Peach, Sand, and Black. Aldo also has an assortment of patent leather pumps with or without peep toes in soft spring colours. There are flats that circle your ankle, or open around your arch, all come in bright colours and traditional colours. To see for yourself visit the Aldo site.

If you’ve got a big budget for shoes you should see what Michael Kors has to offer the spring or summer bride. Michael Kors has leather pumps that come in Gold, Silver, and Fushia, if these aren’t what you’re looking for, maybe you’ll love the sparkling Sinclair Glitter Cap toed heels. Or if you want to show off your pedicure, there are the peep toed pumps in gold with matching leather ankle strap. If you don’t want to wear heels, Michael Kors also has a beautiful assortment of ballet shoes that will be comfortable and stylish for your big day, available in Gold, Fushia, Black, White, Grey, Red and Blue. Have a look at the beautiful heels for yourself on the Michael Kors site.

Steve Madden has a great selection of sandals and pumps for weddings and at prices that are more affordable. In all the hottest colours of the season, Steve Madden has beautiful and funky heels, strappy sandals, and more for you and your bridal party. Check out all the fashion on Steve Madden’s site.

With these three brands to get you started your sure to find something that you’ll love. Let us know which of the styles makes you grab your car keys, share with us in the comments section below!

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