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Wedding hair accessories

Stunning wedding hair accessories from around the globe

Looking to get inspired for a nice wedding hair accessory? Or maybe just interested in how brides dress up for their big day […]

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5 mistakes to avoid when choosing your wedding venue

With so many things on your mind during wedding planning, it’s easy to slip and fall into the trap of some mistakes that […]

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5 questions to ask yourself before you start your wedding venue search

Choosing the perfect wedding venue is every bride’s dream come true. Your wedding location is among the first things on your wedding planning […]

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Wedding Catering Tips and Advice

The wedding catering is that “pinch of salt” that can turn any wedding from an ordinary one to an unforgettable one. Do you […]

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Kingston Wedding Show 2013!

Don’t miss the Fly FM’s Bridal show January 13, 2013. Join us for Kingston’s premiere wedding show, the 32nd Annual FLY FM Bridal […]

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How To Make A Marriage Renewal Ceremony Successful With Personal Touches

1. Involve children and grandchildren in the celebration and ceremony

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