Making Your Engagement Ring a Part of Your Personal History

wedding proposalYou’ve picked out the ring, you’ve decided on the day you’re going to pop the question and it’s going to be such a romantic and happy event that you get butterflies just thinking about it. So how can you make this moment even more special you ask.

Think about having the date of the proposal engraved into the inside of the ring. Not only will this be significant between you and your spouse-to-be, but it’s a symbol of permanence and personal history.

Many engagement rings go on to be family heirlooms, and by engraving the date into the ring you will giving generations a memento of that special day in your life when you proposed. The engraving on the ring will make that moment live on because the ring along with your story will be handed down the line in your family.

You can always discuss engraving the ring with the jeweler at the time of purchase or anytime afterward. There will be a selection of fonts to choose from and a number of words or short sayings you can engrave inside, such as a message of love or a word that is special between you and your significant other.

This isn’t a must do, but it is a way to make your proposal that much more meaningful, and if you decide not to do it now but want to do it later it would make a great anniversary gift idea.

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