Do you really need professional wedding photographers for weddings in Kingston?

wedding photographersIt’s a question that’s often asked, not just for couples who are to be wed in Kingston: Does a wedding need to have professional photographers and videographers present?

Given the fact that the services of pros tend to cost a lot – at times even amounting more than catering costs – the question is quite valid, one that has been more and more asked these days.

Below are two points worth looking into, in helping you see the value of calling for the services or not calling for the services of video and photography pros.

Hire someone or buy a camera instead? – With today’s range of entry level and advanced cameras and video cameras, to-be weds find themselves asking if they should hire photography and videography pros or simply buy cameras for their wedding.

The right answer to such a question is not really as clear cut as one would want it to be, with “it all depends” being the realistic reply.

Depending on a camera operator’s skill, good wedding coverages can be achieved using store-purchased cameras, regardless if we’re talking about base-models or advanced models.

However, in terms of post processing tasks (for videos mostly), buying a camera isn’t enough, with the purchase of video editing software being necessary.

The Time to Celebrate – Many couples who had opted to have family members play the role of wedding photographers and videographers confess that the move, though it may be practical and cost effective, isn’t really all that smart when taking about keepsakes.

Having a professional covering weddings means that memorable highlights of your wedding will be properly covered, from the start till the end, without having to worry of your videographers taking a break to eat, dance or take part in the festivities.

Bottom line, with the presence of professional photographers and videographers in your wedding, everyone in your guestlist can enjoy and simply be, leaving the task of documenting your wedding to the pros.

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