Lift, Enhance & Support Your Curves with Bridal Shapewear

What’s Your Bridal Shapewear Style?

Ladies, I want to talk to you about what goes on UNDER your dress today. Go ahead and giggle, but the truth is, the shapewear undergarments you choose, and how they work with – or against – your wedding dress style (and fit), can truly make or break an otherwise well put together bridal look. And a well-chosen body shaping garment will lift, enhance and support your curves for your wedding day, in ways you always dreamed. Yes, some wedding gowns have built in corseting and such but for some of us, it may not be enough.

Let’s face it – we all have our “trouble spots” — be it the tummy flab or “pooch”, that annoying “back roll”, or that less-than-sexy muffin-top. Not to mention, we want to play up our best assets, be it our bust, our tiny waist, womanly hips, curvy rear, or something else altogether. The great news is, good quality shapewear can help ALL of that, by minimizing and/or camouflaging trouble spots, while lifting, enhancing and supporting your beautiful assets in all the right places, to ensure that you look your bridal best come your big day.

But there are many different types of shape wear and as with all decisions you’ll make leading up to your wedding day, choice can be overwhelming – unless you are armed with the right information to make that decision quickly and easily. Fear not – we’re here to help.


BRIDAL BODY CHALLENGE: Lose inches, flatten tummy & enhance waist to hip ratio for deep, noticeable curves
SOLUTION: Slimband or Shapeband aka “Fajas”

If you’re looking to lose a few inches for your big day as well as enhance curves, and you plan well enough in advance (min. 2-3 mos ahead), there are cutting-edge tummy-toning slim bands and shape bands on the market today, to help achieve that goal, from top body shaping brands like Ann Chery, Squeem, or AMIA. AMIA is sold exclusively by with a portion of all profits donated to The Women’s Alliance (an organization which helps women in impoverished communities prepare to enter or re-enter the workforce – bonus!). These shapers offer long term shaping and work best to help achieve weight loss goals when used alongside an effective and healthy nutrition and exercise plan.

These strapless, underbust, waist cincher type garments look a little like a corset. However instead of complicated lacing, they sport convenient double rows of hook and eye closures that you don’t need a 2nd person to help with (because let’s face it – there are areas of life you just don’t want someone’s help with and getting dressed should be one of them!), and so you can size down as you lose inches. The magic is in that these shapers use latex to compress and control curves in all the right areas as well as increase heat/perspiration to the area and flush toxins/fat from the area.

Often called “fajas” by the latin american community who have used them for generations before they went mainstream, slimbands, tummy wrap bands or shape bands are the go-to for A-list celebrity style icons, like Jessica Alba, for losing “the postpartum baby belly”. These little miracles can work to trim inches for you too, when worn regularly for at least 30 days before your big day. You don’t have to have had a baby to reap the benefits of these awesome body shapers!


BRIDAL BODY CHALLENGE: Hide tummy bulge & enhance waistline
SOLUTION: Corset, Girdle, Cincher or “all over” Shaper

If you’re just looking for a little non-invasive nip and tuck to help your dress fit better come the big day, there’s a shaper for that (actually quite a few)! From corsets, to waist cinchers, girdles to panty shapers and even all over shapers for maximum smoothing, these garments offer immediate enhancement and size reduction, with some shapewear users reporting a reduction of 2 full sizes immediately, while worn! While they aren’t THE most comfortable garments (when have women’s undergarments really ever been, let’s be honest), they do live up to their claims and the good news is, shapewear has come an incredibly long way from the styles Grandma wore in her youth. Today, many corsets and girdles are made with flexiboning rather than steel, for all the same incredible support with a LOT more comfort.

Body Shaper

: Bodysuit or Vest Style Shaper (i.e. AMIA’s “Almighty Slimvest”)

Back fat is one of those things we don’t like to talk about, but if we’re being honest here, a lot of us have it, even those of us who are mostly in shape! And, while we can’t see it (without eyes in the back of our head), everyone else can. Especially when we’re standing at the altar reciting our vows, back to our guests come our big day. Not exactly our “best side” from an aesthetic viewpoint, am I right?

A slimvest is basically the same as the shape band or slim band, with the same latex core and flexiboning (or other type maximum strength) support, but with straps, for more coverage and support. It’s still an under bust style, so you wear your own bra with it, if you choose (unless your dress has one built in or… you just like to be “wild and free” – *insert giggle here*). But the straps mean the back comes up higher, smoothing out unsightly lumps/bumps that otherwise tend to appear above the bra line where it cuts in. And though with boned shaper styles you wouldn’t have to worry about what I call “the roll down effect” we see in lesser quality spandex shapers, the bonus is, the straps help keep it in place. I personally find the slimvest the most comfortable style of all midsection shapers as it offers the most support. As an added bonus the slimvest lifts the bust up and out for a fuller, more voluptuous look in the chest area — if you know what I mean.

Secret Tip: Body Shapers get more comfortable the more you wear them (like new shoes or a new bra, you kind of have to break them in) so it’s recommended you wear them a few times before your big day, for maximum comfort when it counts the most.

Keep in mind there are myriad other shaping garment types as well; these are just the basics and a starting point with which to set you on the right path to finding the right shapewear for you. If your dress dips low in the back, there’s a strapless, low back, bustier-style shaper for that. If you prefer a thong shaper, no worries – the shapewear pros have you covered (or is it… uncovered?). If you want some lift, smoothing and/or curve-enhancement in the booty department, there are even shapers for that – those that minimize, and those which give you the look of little extra “junk in the trunk”. Whatever your body shaping woes, specialty shapewear shops like can help.

Now that you’re armed with all the information you need to choose the right shape wear for you, as a last tip, you’ll want to try on any body shapers you plan to wear on your wedding day, at your fittings under your gorgeous gown. This is very important, to ensure any alterations done to your wedding dress, work with your shapewear rather than against it (and vice versa!).

And remember: Though we take special care to ensure we put our best foot forward for our big day with all the right clothing, accessories and preparation treatments, true beauty comes from within. Take care of yourself inside and out and choose styling accessories that make YOU feel your best on the inside. Because nothing says beautiful better, than a comfortable, confident bride.

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