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Flowers 101 for Your Wedding

Unless you already work with flowers or have experience with seasonal bouquets, choosing flowers for your wedding might come as a challenge if you’re not […]

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Kingston Wedding

Get Married at Canadian Museum!

Getting married in a museum is a growing trend amongst brides and grooms. Museums offer a unique and personal feel to the wedding, […]

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Which Church is Right for You?

When you’re considering where you should hold your ceremony you might consider a church, which is traditional but not a necessity, unless it […]

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When to Send Your Invitations

The dresses, the tuxes, these are all relatively easy to choose. Your wedding invitations and what to say are a little more difficult. […]

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Shoe Fettish

I love shoes, probably too much. I swear I hear my closet groan every time I bring a new pair home. But I […]

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Her Wedding Planner

Ideas for Kingston Spring Weddings

Do you know what is exciting? Spring is in the air!  And nothing fits more than having a wedding at this time of […]

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