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Tent Rentals

If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding you’re most likely going to need a tent for that. If your reception venue doesn’t already have […]

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Luxury Wedding Ideas

If you’re recently engaged and looking for some fabulous ideas to set your wedding apart from all the rest, here are some fabulous ideas […]

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Potluck Wedding

A potluck wedding dinner is a great way to include your guests in your wedding day. This would not be limited to local […]

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Backyard Wedding Affair

Intimate backyard weddings can have all the style and flair of a wedding that takes place at a church or a reception hosted […]

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All-In-One Wedding Venues

If you want to marry in the same place that you plan to have your reception in, you can usually get a deal […]

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Kingston Wedding

Get Married at Canadian Museum!

Getting married in a museum is a growing trend amongst brides and grooms. Museums offer a unique and personal feel to the wedding, […]

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